Current set up on the fc3s

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Exhaust how u so strong? w0w.


"After recce rain had left a nasty hump in the road and I had no warning of this in my notes. I rolled the car end-over-end six time in high speed. Because of the hot weather we didnt wear crash helmets on the event and I hit my head somewhere inside the car in the accident." - Juha Kankkunen on Safari Rally 1994.

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Welcome to Thursday here’s a Lettuce umbrella.

CJB_1504 by Chaz Boyd on Flickr.

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Jeremy Klein ollies the distance in Sorrento Valley back in 1992. Photo: Brittain @hookupsofficial #hookupsofficial #jeremyklein #ollie #sorrentovalley #sandiegoskateboarding #birdhouseskateboards @theskateboardmag #theskateboardmag #grantbrittain

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lived, ate, and breathed skateboarding. All I did all day long was skateboard. It was all I cared about. So I didn’t notice too much else going on. When I got home [one] day, my dad’s furniture was gone, my mom was inside crying and everything just erupted at that point. I was 18, sitting in my driveway when it all went down. So I just took everything from that day and put it into a song. - Tom Delonge

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